Tuesday, June 4, 2013

So I thought that I posted on my blog over the weekend with my phone. I so don't understand how this goggle+ thing works, so I will only repeat that I went to Missouri to sell soap at a swap meet at Jacob'c Cave. I didn't sell any soap. We got  there good and early. I got everything set up.
 I had my brother's knives on a display shelf as well. I took this picture before I was through setting up and this is probably the best that it looked. My Mom and Isaac went to shop, I think she was looking for some quail, leaving me to mind the booth of rabbits, knives and soap. soap being the only thing I was selling. then the wind began to pick up and the sky darken. I check the radar on my phone. it doesn't look good.  I decided to get my tent a little more secure so that when it started to rain I could get the rabbits under and keep them dry. To cut to the chase I cut my Big toe with my spider knife my brother makes.  I grabbed a make shift bandage and got some pressure on it and keep working. then the wind blew my tent and table over. soap and knives every were. I started picking up as much as I could and tossing it into the back of my car. Then the rains started. Still picking up soap, cover knives with the table(maybe it wont rain long). I struggle with the tent and get it flipped back over only it is nowhere near were it should be. it is half over my mom's car. Oh well, the rain is getting harder, my mom and son finally get back just in time to help me get rabbit in under the tent. We are all soaked to the bone. I think I cut my toe around 8:00 in the morning, I got it stitched at noon.
 I was too scared of more bad weather to stay the night as planed and cut my weekend short. But hey everyone needs a adventure once in awhile. I can say I think I am covered for a good long time.
   Now to get my peacock swirl started.