Saturday, July 18, 2015

yin and yang

I haven't done one of Amy Warden's challenge in forever. Here is hoping I get this one done in time. This months is Embracing  Opposites.My first thought is yin and yang. Now what scents do I have that would work with that idea. I have some Dragons blood scent. I also need to replenish my goat milk line of soap.

 First off I have to make the yin and yang which I did with my standard goat milk recipe; coconut, olive, lard and palm are the oils I used. Isaac chose green and red for the colors. I tried to mix two different shades of each for a in the pot swirl. Pour into my round mold and since its goat milk I decided to throw it in the freezer to see what the difference is between gel or not gel. I had plenty left over to pour into some silicon molds that I could gel so I would have a good test on that.

Here it is straight from the freezer. (One shot with flash one with out.) Ready to go into log mold with more soap. I mixed up some more soap but not quite enough and I really need to stop trying to do purple. I wanted purple on the side of the green and yellow on the red side. well somehow there was just a touch more yellow than purple and I am not sure how I feel about the finished product.

Below is some of the left over that I threw into a silicon mold and let it gel. the color is much softer.

And then today as I was washing up the soaping dishes I realized I didn't use the vanilla stabilizer so all the color mixing may have been for naught. time will tell.