Monday, June 24, 2013

             My booth all set up At Moore Farmers market Saturday. The weather was wonderful. I did well enough to continue to go on Thursdays as well as Saturdays. To add to my busy schedule today is sign up day for the second challenge from Great Cakes Soapworks. This challenge will be "the Mantra swirl"
this is posted from Great Cakes Soapworks. I don't think mine will be that cool but it will be fun to learn something new.  Till next till have a bubbly day.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

          Still no video of the peacock swirl, the video may never get
uploaded, it wasn't to bad but it wasn't great either. I will do my
 best to take a decent video and upload it for the next challenge.
 I learned so much I can't wait for the next one. it starts
next week so I will be busy.
   But for this week I have found a farmer's market to attend. Moore Farmer's market. The first one will be Thursday June 20th. 4-7 p.m.  I think I will go and give it a shot.

 Here are some bath bubble bombs that I made.
 They are scented with
Relaxation EO and FO. the
description is blue lavender and palmarosa.
I don't know what palmarosa shold smell like
but it has a fresh smell to me. These bombs not only
fizz but they bubble too.
and if that isn't enough to make you want to
take a bath they also have powdered milk
 for moisturizing.

Check back tomorrow for an update on how the market went. and I promise that I will leave all sharp objects at home this time.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

second peacock swirl with video?

So Today is the deadline to enter our post for the "Soap Challenge Club" is today. I love Amy Warden's challenges. I have done most of them even if I only posted links a few times. I always learn so much. On this challenge for me  the challenge was about the computer much more than the soap. Main computer can't get onto the web so I am on a laptop, not a big deal but all the pictures were already on the other computer. Got a bigger memory card for the camera and took a first video. (that probably won't get posted today, didn't know it took so long to upload. But enough about not soap, on with the challenge. So My first swirl I used Pink Chiffon, My daughter Tyler's requested sent. I used a slow moving formula using oils recommended by Amy. When I close my eyes and think about this sent in a swirl I saw pink,green,and yellow with just and accent of black running through the swirls.
These are the colors I chose to use. the two green gave me the color that I needed. I mixed my colors, aware that I wanted and needed less black than the other colors.
 I think I would like it a little closer to trace? maybe, maybe not. But I think less black was still too much, it doesn't show as too much black here but trust me I already know that I am not loving the color scheme.

Ready for the bamboo comb, right now it looks like it only needs more yellow and green; nope, need a lot less black. I don't get to do many things by myself and soaping isn't one of them. My son had
to drag the comb thorough the soap. At least he let me finish. He also took all the pictures while I soaped. He is eight, better to give him jobs he can do than have him underfoot while mixing the lye.

Here is the finished product. not too bad, I am very happy with it I just had less black in my imaginary soap.

So have to do a round two. This time we filmed it and maybe someday it will get uploaded.Isaac did have fun. With shouts of "and Action" and "Cut" What I needed was a camera filming the camera filming the soap, I had an audience of Lego nijago's under the camera. They needed to watch.
The second batch was scented with Tyme/Mint EO. Love the smell
I think that it will be very popular during cold season. What I learned on this second round is that I really need to invest in a wider range of color. I used two different shades of green, white and a small accent of red. which right now the red looks kinda pink. I think that it will look better in a few weeks
as it cures. the greens will darken as will the red.
All in All I can't wait for the next challenge. I have leaned so much. what scent color combo to try next?


Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Peacock swirl

So the first challenge from Amy Warden's "Soap Challenge Club" has been issued and it is time to post our results.
    Let me begin by saying at this point the soap is the easy part of the challenge. Our home computer went down. And I am trying to learn how to blog on my phone but realize that pictures are on the home computer. Can I upload pictures to my phone? 
   But back to the soap. This is my first peacock swirl, I used a hot pink, lemon yellow, green, and black. I scented with pink chiffon. My daughter Tyler's special request scent.
        I am pretty pleased with how it turned out but I will use much less black next time. Now to go mix up some lye and oils and try this again

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

So I thought that I posted on my blog over the weekend with my phone. I so don't understand how this goggle+ thing works, so I will only repeat that I went to Missouri to sell soap at a swap meet at Jacob'c Cave. I didn't sell any soap. We got  there good and early. I got everything set up.
 I had my brother's knives on a display shelf as well. I took this picture before I was through setting up and this is probably the best that it looked. My Mom and Isaac went to shop, I think she was looking for some quail, leaving me to mind the booth of rabbits, knives and soap. soap being the only thing I was selling. then the wind began to pick up and the sky darken. I check the radar on my phone. it doesn't look good.  I decided to get my tent a little more secure so that when it started to rain I could get the rabbits under and keep them dry. To cut to the chase I cut my Big toe with my spider knife my brother makes.  I grabbed a make shift bandage and got some pressure on it and keep working. then the wind blew my tent and table over. soap and knives every were. I started picking up as much as I could and tossing it into the back of my car. Then the rains started. Still picking up soap, cover knives with the table(maybe it wont rain long). I struggle with the tent and get it flipped back over only it is nowhere near were it should be. it is half over my mom's car. Oh well, the rain is getting harder, my mom and son finally get back just in time to help me get rabbit in under the tent. We are all soaked to the bone. I think I cut my toe around 8:00 in the morning, I got it stitched at noon.
 I was too scared of more bad weather to stay the night as planed and cut my weekend short. But hey everyone needs a adventure once in awhile. I can say I think I am covered for a good long time.
   Now to get my peacock swirl started.