Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Starting a blog. So intimidating. were do you begin? what do you say?what pictures do you post? And all the profile stuff, I hate all the setup things.
    I will start with the present and a little history. I just moved to Shawnee OK., (Boxes still unpacked, just moved) from KS. from 5 acres to in town with neighbors so close if you don't keep curtains closed you can see into their house or vice versa.
    About a year ago my milk goat had an infection in her hoof and had to have penicillin shots,(my son is alergic). So no drinking the milk for a few weeks. what to do with all that milk. my first thought was soap. I did some research found several recipes. read some more and made my first batch. I knew nothing of soap calc(calculator to help determine safe amounts of lye to use with the oils that you have chosen for your formula).
   When you make Cold process soap it needs to cure for 6 to 8 weeks before you use it. I couldn't wait the full time and at 4 weeks cure I had to give it a try. Even with our hard water in Kansas I was very pleased with my soap. the rest as they say is history.
    I have been a seamstress and quilter for almost 35 years, I was an art major in college and for me fabric has always been my medium in which to work. as a quilter sometimes I will dye my own fabric to create the palate that I need. Making soap has given me a new way to play with color.
 this is my first soap. It was supposed to be a kind of lavender. That was my first lesson. use colorants made for CP (cold process
) not MP (melt and pour).