Friday, August 16, 2013

Holly Swirl

       So this months challenge is the Holly Swirl created by Holly Bailey of Missouri River Soap Co. It was really fun but I almost didn't get to make any in time for the deadline because life had to throw us a few curve balls and I was out of town for a week. well The first attempt was a unscented Castile. I have a goat milk Castile but wanted to add a straight Castile to my line as well. So for my first swirl I tried to use colors that to me felt like olives. I chose a black base with a green and white swirl with yellow on top.
   Well 100% olive oil takes such a long time to reach trace.  I also really should get a larger container for the in the pot swirl.

        Also When you make a Castile Soap it is very soft so cutting really should have waited a extra day. I can never do just one on these challenges so my next soap was a White Tea and Ginger fragrance.
  I started with a brown base did a white and green swirl with a little more brown on top and then I had some yellow shimmer mica and use some of the left over green and white soap and did a mica swirl on top.
   I also did my first video since my little guy was out of town for the night and I didn't have to worry about how to edit out back ground noise. Trust me if he is in the house there is going to be noise.
    School starts Monday so maybe I will be able to give this blog a little more attention and start posting a little more often than the day before voting closed for a challenge. I love this Swirl I Bought a biger bowl right after I finished my last batch so I see this being done a lot more in the future. Thank You Amy for the challenge.

And my finished product just cut. I am very pleased with the way this turned out.