Saturday, September 19, 2015

September Challenge Clyde Slide

So the September Challenge from Amy Warden is called Clyde Slide, And if the name isn't fun enough to say then let me tell you this might be a new obsession. I watched several of Clyde's videos and I can see I will be playing with this one for awhile.

This is how my finished product for the first try turned out. I scented it with Guava Fig from Crafter's Choice. and I used neon pink, matte red mixed with a touch of pink, green and a little too much titanium dioxide also from crafter's choice as my colorants. I did make a video of my pour but I can't remember how to edit and upload at this time.
   I went with pouring my colors into my bowl on one side with some of the base already in the bowl. I also moved the bowl down the length of the mold as I poured. I really like the swirl effect that I got even though I didn't get the amazing feathers. It has been a while since I have used my really long molds. I could have and should have made a larger batch of soap and mixed another color or two. I will try this again very soon. Thank you Amy you always broaden our knowledge.