Friday, September 13, 2013

Multi-Colored Gradient Soap Challange

     Oh my Gosh! it is that time again, Where did the time go? I can not believe that not only have I not posted since the last Great Cakes Soap Works Challenge but I haven't even had time to soap let alone blog, and I don't know about you but to go that long without soaping is pretty sad.  I sure hope since fall is apon us and Farmer's Market season is over (I haven't found any of these awsome craft shows everyone goes too), I hope that I will be able to soap a little more often.
   On to this months challenge. Multi-Colored Gradient Soap. For my soap I chose my fragrance first. Wild Peach Poppies from Wholesale Supplies Plus, mostly because I have a very small supply of colorants right now so I had to find a scent that I had color to work together. When I think of Poppies I think bright Red. My husband was stationed in England,we lived there for five years, one of my favorite things were the fields full of red poppies. Boom got my first color. Peaches, easy peasy they are yellow orange and have red on the peel and around the pit.
My three colors waiting for soap.

 First pour according to notes from Amy's tutorial. Pour about a cup, add about 1/3 cup of the next color (the middle color).

Second pour, I see a slight color difference just like I want.

third pour also good.

this I think is acutally the fith pour and I forgot to take a picture of straight orange.
I also forgot to take a picture of straight red.

I had to add a little of the yellow for a swirl on top. I don't like to waste soap. I would have liked to do two more layers of blending but I knew that I didn't have enough room left in the mold. and as it was I had enough soap left over to fill a silicon brownie mold. I think they will be perfect for samples.
I think I will call this soap "Poppy goes the peach" ?  We will see.
Just cut with the flash I think the red is too dark.

The red is still a little too dark and could have used two more blends with the orange but without the flash on the camera you can see the yellow to orange blend quite nicely. Lesson from this challenge. if you are working with a really strong color like say red, the first addition should have been maybe 1/4 cup instead of 1/2. The color was just too strong for the orange. I have some idea for some new christamas scents that just came in. I better find some time to soap.